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Thread: Suggestions for server revamp

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    Suggestions for server revamp

    I have a lot of crazy ideas so I figure it would go into this thread as they are long a bit long winded. I will try to explain my suggestions with my own reasoning/observations.

    Regarding Bosses's Drop:
    Regular monster is useless beside materials/pot refill. If you do not need it, then it's pointless having them there. Everyone just ignores them, and everything is about boss boss boss. This is a private server after all. People do not want to kill mobs when they can be running around killing bosses for gear because they are the only one dropping it. Time is precious, why waste time on regular mobs. The problem with this is that it forces people to run straight to boss and kills them, then sit around waiting for the boss to respawn when all the bosses are dead. No matter how many bosses you add or how fast they respawn, there will never ever be enough for everyone, especially as the server gets larger and more people join.

    I will refer this solution to diablo because this obviously is done in the style of diablo series where people has their own runs/paragon infinite leveling etc. One way to tackle this is have a map where everyone can join and hunt for the same boss, and another map where you can hunt it privately with a group of friend or solo. It can be the same exact map so you do not have to make a new map. However, the cave/private map should only spawn the bosses once a certain number of monsters on the maps are killed. This will promote teamplay if they want to access the boss faster. The boss in the cave/private map obviously will drop stuff at a lower rate and/or less items than the regular boss in the global map. Ex: regular boss can drop up to 3-4 items, cave boss can drop 1-2. You can even make it so that the stuff drop by regular boss can be at a base of uncommon/rare compare to the base of common from the boss in the cave. Even better if you can make it so random stats are more likely to appear from items from the regular boss compare to the cave boss. The whole point is to incentivize people to fight over regular boss for better drop, but still provide players who cannot fight over it with the base gear (albietly at lower rate/lower quality) to compete with if they want to hunt in peace.

    Regarding regular monsters's drop:
    Regular monster should have a chance of dropping gear as well, albietly, very low rate. That way people can have incentive clearing mob in cave run, and if the boss don't drop something good, maybe the mob killed would. Same way for the regular cave. Someone can camp the bosses, but you can hunt mob in that cave and hopefully something nice can drop (again higher rate than cave mobs). You can even add say 10-15% more exp from monster in regular cave than the one in private to give people some risk/incentives to hunt/kill on the way to bosses in regular cave.

    Alternatively, you can add gems to regular monster as the only way for it to drop. With gear and possible gem drop , people are more likely to level/hunt/kill regular monsters on the way to the bosses and increase the hunting time. If this is done, boss should only drop orbs (ac/amc/sc/dc/mc), and all other gems should drop off of monster. There are multiple ways to make it so the hunt to the boss isn't just about running through all the mob to the boss and killing and tada, done with the map, go to next one and rinse/repeat.

    Regarding Boss's AI:
    One of the thing I love about mir is how varied some of the bosses fight can be. There is a clear difference between the boss fight in the jungle vs the boss fight in MirRealm (with all the Kings). An example was how neat it was for ZT to summon firewalls and run around hitting people instead of standing still. He also tp if you try to range damage him for too long without him reaching you. Scaling in damage should not be the only way to force people to party, nor is poison/curse immune. This simply turn tao into heal bots. There definitely should be more bosses like RME, ZumaKing, EvilMir (and the other boss that warns you when he's about to nuke you) to make fights more interesting AND requiring a diverse party. Bosses that can summon cloned version of themselves (which does less damage, drops nothing, takes more dmg but retain some of the skill to make the fight more difficult) would also be a cool idea. Make certain bosses announce when they are below a certain HP threshold to the whole server so people are aware of the boss being done. This, if implements, should be done to boss that takes a long time to spawn as oppose to announcing when they spawn immediately. Doing so will allow some smaller group to sneak in and fight half way through before a big guild arrive and take it.

    Regarding Maps:
    With the implementation of bosses AI that varies, there definitely should be adjustment to how difficult they are in private cave vs regular cave. You can even tier it so that private cave is split into 2: Solo Q and Party Q, with party Q ofc requiring more than 2+ person, but drop better than solo Q and worse than regular cave. Bosses in party Q should be strong, but not as strong as regular boss, so that 2-3 people can take it down.

    The other thing with maps in general is that I do not feel the need to clear the monsters (after you get enough gear to run through and pot on the way). There should be an increase in the number of monsters in maps so that it takes people time to clear to get to the bosses. With the above changes to how regular monsters' drops, it should feel more rewarding to clear them as you run through rather than a chore on the way through the boss. Doing so would increase the time required to reach the bosses and thus lessen the need to increase their respawn time or having more bosses.

    Lastly, regular map should have a random timer on the boss spawn. Not entirely random, but say if the boss spawn in every 4 hours, it can spawn between 3:30 and 4:30. This prevent camping of the same boss by the same guild and run go the next bosses if they have the timer down. It will also forces them to stay in the area to hunt (hey regular mobs drop ok now so it's not too bad) while waiting for the boss to spawn, and enable other guild to go hunt other bosses.

    These ideas are a bit wild because I do not know if you can implement them Hany, but I am putting it out there in case you can . The most important thing is balancing it so it feels rewarding enough to hunt in each map regardless of playstyle, and that requires a lot of testing. I hope your team can do it Hany.

    TLDR -
    1. more varied bosses AI, regular boss drops better quality/more items than same cave boss, semi-random respawn timer
    2. mob possibly dropping same gear as boss in the same map (possibly gems compare to boss dropping orbs), regular mob gives higher exp than cave mob
    3. maps need to be more dense, split into solo, party or free for all/regular version. scales difficulty accordingly to solo/party/regular map.
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    Set Bonuses:I like set bonuses, but they seems to be too generic and all encompassing purposes. If it is possible to implement, here are my ideas:

    In the same vein as diablo, each set should have different bonuses and thus enhance gear variety.

    Ex: People can have multiple set bonuses depending on what they route they choose to go for. This is just an example to show how you can differentiate and make each set unique. Please do not comment on whether they are balanced or not because I obviously cannot test them nor know enough about the game to give the right/specific number/effects. Numbers can be tweak, bonuses can be changed. Mix and match can also be encouraged.

    Support/Defensive Set:
    - 2 pieces, increase healing by 10%
    - 4 pieces, increase healing by 15%, buff duration by 2 minutes
    - 6 pieces, increase healing by 25%, buff duration by 5 minutes, ac/amc/sc/dc/mc buff increase by 10
    - 8 pieces, increase healing by 50%, buff duration by 10 minutes, ac/amc/sc/dc/mc buff increase by 25, curses last 1 second longer.

    - 2 pieces, increase ac/dc buff duration by 15 seconds (currently has warrior self buff has a 30 seconds cd timer between skill)
    - 4 pieces, increase ac/dc buff duration by 30 seconds (can have it up all the timer now)
    - 6 pieces, increase ac/dc buff duration by 30 seconds, lion roar aoe increase by 1 tile.
    - 8 pieces, increase ac/dc buff duration by 1 minute and add acc+10 and agility +10, lion roar aoe increase by 3 tiles. (pretty useful if you are high level and want to run through monsters)

    - 2 pieces, magic shield increase ac+3, amc+5
    - 4 pieces, magic shield increase ac+5, amc+10, poison resist 5%
    - 6 pieces, magic shield increase ac+10, amc+15, poison resist 10%, magic resist 5%
    - 8 pieces, magic shield increase ac+15, amc+20, poison resist 15%, magic resist 10%

    Offensive Set:
    - 2 pieces, sfb damage increase by 5%, poison are 5% more effective (more damage/lower more defense)
    - 4 pieces, sfb damage increase by 10%, poison are 10% more effective
    - 6 pieces, sfb damage increase by 15%, poison are 15% more effective. Sfb now fire in a 3x3, requires 9 amulets per uses.
    - 8 pieces, sfb damage increase by 25%, poisons are 25% more effective, Sfb now fire in a 3x3, has a chance to poison when used.

    - 2 pieces, tdb/flame sword damage increase 5%
    - 4 pieces, tdb/flame sword damage increase by 10%, tdb last 1 seconds longer
    - 6 pieces, tdb/flame sword damage increase by 15%, tdb last 2 seconds longer
    - 8 pieces, tdb/flame sword damage increase by 20%, tdb last 2 seconds longer, chance to paralyze.

    - 2 pieces, spells does 5% more damage.
    - 4 pieces, spells does 10% more damage.
    - 6 pieces, spells does 15% more damage.
    - 8 pieces, spells does 20% more damage.

    Leveling Set:
    - 2 pieces, poison cloud does 5% more damage, pet does 3% more damage
    - 4 pieces, poison cloud does 10% more damage, last 1 second longer, pet does 7% more damage
    - 6 pieces, poison cloud does 15% more damage, last 1 second longer, pet does 15% more damage
    - 8 pieces, poison cloud does 20% more damage, last 2 second longer and chance to applies red poison, pet does 20% more damage, shinsu can hit 3 targets instead of 2.

    - 2 pieces, chm does 10% more damage
    - 4 pieces, chm does 15% more damage, attack speed +1,
    - 6 pieces, chm does 20% more damage, attack speed +2, cost half required mana
    - 8 pieces, chm does 25% more damage, attack speed +3, cost half required mana, chance to apply yellow poison and slow for 2 seconds.

    - 2 pieces, fire wall last longer
    - 4 pieces, fire wall last longer, can tame up to 7 pets
    - 6 pieces, fire wall last longer + increase damage, can tame up to 10 pets
    - 8 pieces, fire wall last longer + increase damage, can tame up to 10 pets, max pet level increase by 2, casting flame field also cast thunderstorm/icestorm.

    If making specific set that gives bonuses to skill/change their effects is difficult/impossible, then you can simply have different offensive/defensive items and some unique sets. Example: having tiger item vs turtle items. Tiger set simply has more offensive stats (more dc for example) while turtle set has more ac/amc. So if you end up using all pieces of tiger set, you end up having more dc compare to more ac/amc for the turtle set. No major changes requires other than balancing the difference in ac/amc/dc. People can also mix and match because sometimes all they want to do is survive that ONE HIT to be able to tank through a boss's burst XD at the cost of less damage ofc.

    Unique sets, for example, are:
    - Similar to spirit items: has the stats of similar or higher than tiger AND turtle (higher dc and ac/amc), but breaks when die in pvp/pve/ or to archers
    - Life steal set: 15% heal from damage done (similar stats to set of the same level/quality but lower drop rate)
    - Poorman set: 25% more amount of gold dropped - gold amount, not gold chance. Has slightly worse stats than tiger/turtle set/ OR increase pot healing by 35% (including suns/ginseng/etc...)

    Just using an arbitrary tiger set (more dc/sc/mc) and a turtle set (more ac/amc) as an example. Stats need to be tweaked ofc.

    1. Add unique bonuses to set to differentiate playstyle
    2. Or add in some old school unique item/sets with similar affect
    3. Or just have items with different stats to serve different purpose: survival in boss fight vs more damage for faster kill.
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    Solo Play buff:
    A lot of people, myself included, plays solo due to one reason or another. For example: Different time zone, hard time getting along/trusting people, lone wolf/i-think-i-am-better-than-everyone style, or simply just can't find enough people to make a good decent sized guild. Here are a few ideas that can enhance solo play WITHOUT reducing the bonuses/how many people a guild can hold.

    1. Guild buff NPC, purchasable via gold. Non-stackable with guild buff. This guild buff would be the bonus buff lvl 2 of a guild, and last equally as long. Solo players can buy this if they are not in a guild or is in a small guild. Downside is that if you are in a small guild or solo, you cannot stack it. Medium/large guild can have lvl 1,2 and 3 buff by donating to their guild and activating all 3 at once so they are of no loss. Solo players/small guild can only have lvl 2 buff (still better than none). That way they are not completely shut out when they are gemming, hunting, or leveling, but they aren't getting the best out of it (because they are footing the whole bill + not stackable). Being in a guild means u have stackable buff and sometimes free if someone else donates

    2. More daily quests. I love the idea of getting a free quality orb per day to try to upgrade my gear. Even if I do not get anything good from bosses that day or don't have much time to play, I can go do something that will help me progress in the long run. These quests should be done in CAVE as oppose to regular/global map so we do not have bottle neck waiting for bosses to spawn or requires a party to finish them. They should also reward items that helps in the long run. Ex: random gem rewards, benex3 or wargodoilx2 (if special weapon repair is remove), time-limited items: 1-2h stats torch/mount/medal (scaled to paragon levels), timer starts when items received. These items might not matter much if you hunt bosses regularly and are very active/have good gear, but it is quite a godsend for lower level players trying to catch up (they can kill boss slightly faster even if their gear is crap etc...) Also more quests = more things to do so you aren't bored sitting around in sz.

    3. Stats drugs! Bring these back to shop so solo players can get that slight edge when fighting boss solo. Players already in group can use it to makes hunt more efficient. It's a win-win, particular for players with lower stats/worse gear or is simply new to the server because the stats boost provided is more than a change in a lower level/quality gear. Good gold sink.

    4. Titles with permanent bonuses! If you can somehow obtains title by just killing stuff without an npc quest requires, it's even better! If not, make different npc in different town/cave that will let you select a quest and reward u with a title accordingly when you finish it. Then you can take a different title quest to earn even more stats. Stats reward should be kept hidden so people have to choose which title to go for before knowing what they give!

    Ex: Bug Squashers: kill 1,000 centipede in centipede cave. Increase hp by 25.
    Bug Killer: kill 1,000 blackmaggot in centipede cave. Increase hp by 50.
    Bug Exterminator: kill 1,000 tongs in centipede cave. Increase hp by 75.
    Bug Slayer: Kill 100 Evil Centipedge in centipede cave. Increase hp by 100.
    King Slayer: Defeat each of the King in MirRealm. +3 to all stats (ac/amc/sc/dc/mc/agil/acc)

    Solo players can do them. Guild can do them together (faster obviously), so it can encourage some group play even if you are soloing.

    TLDR - guild buff selling npc, more varied reward daily quest, stats drugs, titles to enhance solo play
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    Reserved for more idea #4

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    Reserved for more idea #5

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    Reserved for more crazy idea #6

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    Everyone loves to bling their gear to show off how awesome they are. Sometimes luck might be the only way you can compete with someone else so why not add more ways to make Mir life more exciting! If all else fail, blame it on the RNG right? I don't suck, my rng does

    Gambling Room:
    - I remember playing on mir where this map was available and it was really fun! So here is to hoping to see it again with some new twistes.

    This map can be join solo or in a group up to 3 players. You have 1 hour to navigate to the end of the map (room 100). Entrance fee has to be paid (whatever the amount is) for each player joining. Once in a room, you roll a dice. The dice rolled decided how many rooms you move forward. Each room has different requirement that you have to complete before NPC will let you roll another dice to move forward. Some condition might be: Kill all the monster in the room, wait 3 minutes, win a rock paper scissor game with npc (lose = monster spawns and must be killed off before npc will play again), kill the boss in the room (usually some weaker boss), survive for 3 minutes, pay money to roll the dice to move forward, move backward, double dice roll, triple dice roll, etc... Once you reach the end you are rewarded with 2 choice: a specific reward (5 bene, or triple entrance fee payout, or 1 random orb, etc...) or a chest with random chance to obtain money/items/gems/orbs/1 item of the gambling set (very low min but very high max gear)

    Gambling NPC:

    This NPC serves as way to burn off some money/item at the exchange of a possibly big reward. NPC has several exchange functions:

    1. Exchange a random gem for 3 gems or 2 gems + 100k. <------ This is great if you have a lot of "useless" gems hanging around and want to get another better one. It also encourage people to sell off unneeded gem to rich players who want to random for the type of gems they want.

    2. Exchange 2 random orbs for another one. Says you max out DC orbbing all your gear, but the bloody server is a warrior server, so all u get is dc orbs. Well with this NPC you can try to get ac/amc, or even sc/mc orbs to sell it off.

    3. Set chest exchange: Trade money in for a chest that can gives a random reward.
    Ex: Trade 1mil in for a mir set chest. Reward can include 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k, 1mil, 2mil, 5mil, 1 random mir item, bene, 1 random orb, etc... Price of chest increase accordingly to how rare/better the item you are aiming for. Maybe 2mil for a king chest etc... (requires some fine tuning of expected gold earn from average players vs expected item drops)

    4. Trade 100k in for a random 1h buff. Only tradable once per hour.

    5. Titles: You can earn certain titles that will increase the amount of gold drop permanently. Talk to NPC once you gambled enough at his shop!
    - Poor Man - earned by gambling at least 1 million. 3% more gold gain.
    - Not Poor Anymore - Spent 5 million gambling. 5% more gold gain.
    - Rich Man - Spent 10 million gambling. 7% more gold gain.
    - Millionaire - Spent 25million gambling. 10% more gold gain.
    - Too Rich for My Own Good - Spent 100million gambling. 15% more gold gain.
    - Billionaire - Spent 500 million gambling. 25% more gold gain.
    - Richest Man Alive - Spent 1 billion gambling. 50% more gold gain. +15 to ac/amc/dc/sc/mc.

    6. Gambling tokens: Can be earned from Gambling Room/Map as part of the reward/from reward chest. Use to trade in for different item chests (instead of paying money).

    Mystery Cave:
    Will teleport players into the cave at a random location. No minimap. All kinds of boss are presented here, including fake version of themselves. Fake version has the same name and the only way to tell is to attempt to kill it. 2 fake versions: 1 version will take more damage while doing the same damage as regular boss, and the 2nd version will take the same damage as the regular boss does, but will do less damage than regular bosses do. Killing the fake version will drop nothing. Only the real version will drop as their counterpart does in the regular cave. Fake version sometimes drop mystery gear that will have random stats that is similar to any possible item drops in that cave. Ex: Mystery item can possibly have stats of a youth item or mir item or even kings/vengeance (depending what boss you put in the cave). The stats is also random so it can be higher or lower than the stats of that normal item. Stats are unknown before identifying it. Identifying it will cost 100k. Players can sell it unidentified if they do not want to risk getting a crappy stats item.

    Map has a limit of 1-2 hours before you get kicked out. Mystery cave opens for certain hours twice a day via an NPC somewhat randomly/deep in the wood.

    TLDR - Add Gambling room, Gambling NPC, myster cave to add more spice/excitement to Mir life.
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